Brittany Clark 5h
As a diver it is devastating to see the direct & indirect effects plastic pollution has on our oceans & ultimately the Earth's future!
Rossana Diana 17h
Saving oceans means be an example of beauty. Respect is the main ingredient to make beauty possible. Without beautifulness there's not life.
Florencia Muñoz 1d
Because it's really necessary, we have done so many damage to the oceans & nature.
junk park 1d
Junk Park 1d
Sofie Railo 2d
Because it is a fundamental necessity for life, both mine and others.
KMphoto-Expeditions.com Svalbard 2d
Kai Müller 2d
I live and work in the Arctic one of the most unique places on earth we have to protect it. Stop drilling - Stop littering - no mass tourism
Charlie Collis 2d
Stevie Van Horn 3d
Mayara Zimmermann 3d
Minha espécie está impossibilitando a vida nos oceanos e por isso eu pretendo lutar o quanto for preciso pra proteger e conservar os oceanos
Kevin Kunitake 3d
because 70% is bigger than 30%.