zaid kadhim 6h
I believe very strongly we need to save the oceans, plastic is the number one enemy threatening the development of the world.
Jo Marr 18h
Salt water is in my soul.
Birgit Floss 1d
How can people be so blind and dispose of plastic waste over the oceans? Plastic kills slowly but surely. Avoid it where you can!
Mathias de Garidel-Thoron 2d
Give back space to species whose only home is the Ocean.
Appreciate instead of depreciate Ocean riches.
Clarice Nicole Lee 2d
Our whole world is, in one way, linked to the ocean. It's the support for all life on Earth. No ocean.No water.No plants.No animals.No Us.
Michael Cunningham 2d
Frank van Beeck 3d
If we save the big blue heart of our planet, we save all life on it
Jacqueline Bruce 3d
I want to save the oceans because they are not ours to destroy. We are guests - we need to be polite and considerate. Fish are friends.
giada spagliardi 3d
We came from the Oceans, our ancient home: I feel the most connected when I'm in the water, that's why I want to give back love and respect.
Katharina 3d
Nancy Atmpawiro 3d
I want to save the ocean because i love the ocean and all the living species in it.
sue magnusson 3d