Jonathan Moles 24m
Oceans are full of beautiful life, but even if that doesn't move us, humanity is totally dependent on our oceans.
Ana Alonzo 2h
When you're near the ocean you just KNOW your soul belongs to it...there's a peace there you just can't ignore.
Anayelly Alonzo 2h
Life isn't always easy but being even just near the ocean I find a peace that's indescribable, incomparable. We need to keep it that way.
Rachael Coccia 2h
If saving the oceans for sea turtles, dolphins, and seals isn’t enough, then perhaps saving it for the sake of mankind will be.
Richard Mkoloma 6h
The amount of plastic we discard really hit home while on holiday in Accra, Ghana and seeing the amount of plastic on it's beautiful beaches
Ankush Rana 8h
For future
Irene Tawa 9h
It's not only about saving it for our environment and the species that live in it, it's also about saving it for the people.
Abubakar Usman 10h
I want to save the oceans because of the life in them
Joe Zhang 11h
Dan Winnan 11h
The oceans provide me with such comfort, relaxation and sure disbelief. They are amazing and need to be protected.
Pippa 12h
i love the sea
Leilani GE 17h
¡¡The ocean Roar is music to my soul!!
one Planet,
one Ocean,
one Pledge...To protect them Both!
We can do it! :)