Deborah Hartley 3h
I ban plastic bags, straws, cups, plates and cutlery from my life. I need to save the oceans for the life that inhabits it and for my children
hollis severns 3h
i will ban plastic straws from my life, and i want to save the oceans because sea life and the world are important to me
Nico Heßlich 12h
Reduce ANY plastic!
Rebecca Lewis 16h
I've banned all disposable plastics from my life. I am a diver and a mother. I want to dive with the marine life that I saw years ago, and I want my children to live with the beauty, enrichment and life that the oceans provide.
John Cheng 1d
- Plastic bottles
- Plastic bags from groceries or mini marts
- Plastic wrappers and such

I think we are running out of time with what’s happening to our surroundings, the time is now to make a change, even small change can be a big change in the future.
Emilija Kastratovic 1d
We are destorying the world with plastic. Animals must not suffer the consequences.
Piper Hansen 1d
I am going to ban plastic straws, plastic water bottles and plastic bags from my life whenever possible. I want to save the oceans because they are a vital part of our environment, making up the majority of the earth, and is a home to more species than we even know about.
Vince 1d
Coffee cups
Ghani Khan 1d
Ivana Lindgren 1d
we came from oceans and cannot live without them! spread the word!
i pledge to ban single use plastic from my and my family's life!
Fernando Maldonado 2d
I will ban plastic bags from my life and I want to save the oceans because it is life, the ocean is life itself it provides oxygen, water and it is a place one may go for tranquility. Most importantly it is the habitat to millions of animals in which have a significant value to earth.
Alexia Stokes-Rodriguez 3d
I will ban plastic water bottles from my life. I want to save the oceans because I value the life that lives within it, and those lives sustain many things that are necessary for us! We have to take care of each other, Earth.💚