Morgan Nicholls 6h
The ocean was here before us and it shall be here long after. Humans created this problem, now we must help Mother Earth in fixing it.
Joseph Hodges 8h
I want to save the oceans because of its deep and profound impact on my life and others. It’s our job to ensure the survival of all life.
emma livingston 12h
The oceans are the basis of all life. No oceans no life.
Marta Homann 14h
It's heartbreaking to see how much the flora and fauna are affected by the excessive use of plastic. We should not just watch, but also act.
Wilm Thoben 1d
Rachel Li 1d
I love wildlife - every time I learn about them, it leaves me in awe. Oceans are beautiful and critical for our survival - it needs our help
Ivo Roussev 2d
For our children and Mother Earth!
sandi lai 2d
Peter Schiffner 2d
we are young startup from Germany crushing plastic
Hans raj Thakur 2d
Earth save enviroment clean
Jose Hernandez 2d
Por qué es un recurso natural y debemos preservarlo para el futuro de nuestros hijos y familia
Patricia Fredricson 3d
Because it’s dying and we need to save it