Jana Gutierrez 4h
Sage Matthews 6h
I will ban produce bags from my life. I want to save the oceans because they are one of the most important parts of our global ecosystem and imperative to our existence with all other global life.
Madeleine Altmann 8h
I will try to ban more food packed in plastic because I think that we as humans, have the responsibility to look out and help the planet we live on, as well as all the organisms we put in danger by our use of plastic.
Hannah Hitchenss 20h
plastic straws, plastic stirrers, single-use coffee cups, plastic toothbrushes etc.
Joe Curendero 1d
I will recycle all plastic bags I get from the grocery store and I bought a pair of Parley shoes because they not only look cool but I believe in the movement. The ocean is so important, it needs us to help protect it, to save it.
Marina Jaal 1d
Nick van Tiel 1d
No more single use plastic items
Sleepers Hostel 1d
Plastic bag, save the oceans...
Santi Palacio 1d
I not going to use more Coffee cups and no more plastic straws. The ocean is for everyone and we are all responsible and together
Robyn Squires 2d
Ban the plastic inside construction
Juergen Rother 2d
I will ban all bags and everything used as a "to go" item and take the time to eat/drink at the point of purchase instead.
Water is life and we simply can't afford to further harm our beautiful oceans. And I want to tell my (still unborn) son, that I didn't rely on others but acted myself...!
Rj LaPenta 2d
Plastic water bottles , because I saw the image in the deminacan republic