Mat Campbell 15h
One use plastic bags
Sylvia Saborio 1d
love em
Cherif Zouein 1d
Adam Woelfle 2d
Getting rid of as many single use plastics as I can from my daily life, straws, bags, anything that I can. Also teaching my class to be more aware and get them to reduce their usage as well.
Tiziana Fonsili 2d
Gavin Sommer 3d
I’ve started to look at all the plastic items which come into my life & make a conscience decision to either stop using or buying.
I love the ocean and water, it reenergises me, we need to keep the ocean ecosystem alive and all that lives within, we also need to keep our land animals alive.
Yuka Yui 3d
I’m banning all plastic utensils and straws and I will only be using reusable utensils and/or metal straws. I love the ocean and marine life and want to treat the environment with the respect it deserves.
David Hirtz 5d
No more plastic bottles for me!
Hanna Tangeman 5d
I want to save the oceans because the earth is precious and deserves to be protected. We are one with the planet and by harming it we are harming ourselves. I hope to protect the spirit of the ocean and the beauty of life that it sustains. I am banning plastics bags, straws and cutlery from my life.
Louise Lewis 8d
I'm going to ban plastic bottles and plastic bags from my life. I think a lot of people think that the oceans are out of sight and out of mind. But I'm genuinely concerned for our oceans and want to make a difference no matter how small it might be.
Sophie Paterson 8d
I will ban plastic water bottles, bags, straws and cutlery from my life. I want to save the oceans for marine life and for future generations to see and enjoy..
Katina Grillo 8d
I'll ban plastic from my life because is not really necesary and it damages our world, our only word. I am engaged to make a better world not only for me, but for the next generations. Oceans are vital for humanity and people aren't aware of that.