Daniel Alexandre de Almeida 1h
Eu vou banir as palhinha de plástico e sacos de plástico! Eu adoro o mar, e ver o ecossistema a degradar-se com o nosso lixo não está certo! Temos de proteger ligar, porque no fundo, estaremos a proteger a nós 💙
Hannah Rose 2h
I pledge to cut out all single-use plastic, because I love our planet.
Claudia Mueller 3h
I refuse any kind of single-use plastic in my daily life and chose plastic-free options wherever possible.
Shakti Fuller 15h
I will stop using plastic. Bags straws cups plates. Clothes. Bottles. And. Anyway I can. I love the ocean. And all that lives in it. Sharks are my favorite and sea horses. Too.
Jen Schinkel 1d
Tiffani Hardy 1d
I will ban plastic water bottles, plastic bags, and unnecessary single-use plastics from my life. I want to save the oceans for my kids to be able to one day be able to see a clean beach and swim in a clean sea.
Lili Stone 1d
I want to ban plastic straws from my life. I want to save the oceans because they are where I spend a lot of my time especially in the summer. The oceans are a bueatiful habitat for thousands of species of mammals and fish. Without the oceans our world would not be the same.
Chiara Scappa 1d
I love oceans
And I would ban from my life plastic bottles for water
Jimena Santoyo 1d
As many single use plastics as possible.
Anna Cowie 1d
Buying Plastic bottled water from my local corner store or coffee shop. Saving the oceans for Gus, my 4 year old son.
Andre Borges 2d
Firstly, the plastic bubble around my mind that didn't allow me to see all the damage caused by plastic consumption. And second, other people's...
The ocean is the turnaround in my mood within seconds after being close to it - positive vibe to more positive | negative vibe to positive.
Sarah Poland 2d
We avoid single use plastic and carry our own water bottles. I pledge to ban disposable lighters, to continue eliminating plastic from our shopping and rethink every piece of plastic that crosses my path.
Save the oceans because it is inconceivable not to.
I feel a belonging by the sea.