NIcola Fritz 18h
I will avoid Coffee to go Cups and Straws

I want to save the oceans because they are beautiful and we need them!
Carmen Villatoro 1d
PVC because it generates a lot of pollution while it is processed and afterwards it leaves harmful sustances in the enviroment when it is descarted
Maksat Bayjanovich 1d
We have to take care of this amazing world.
It is our duty.
Let's save it for the next generations.
Let's stop killing, destroying and messing !!!

#stopusingplastics #letsdoitalltogether
Kim Diaz 1d
I would like ban plastic straws, bags, & bottles. I would also like to see “extra packaging” stop!
The oceans are our life source, without it, we die!
Julie Hutchison 1d
Bread bags, crisp packets, fruit and vegetable bags, washing up sponges. Our ocean covers 2/3rds of our planet, why wouldn't I want to look after it?
Kristina Dwi Suryani 1d
The dream is to decrease Jakarta's plastic waste by creating durable and sustainable products for the public to use.
Julian Corredor 2d
Ricardo Ruiz 2d
Banning razorblades and straws.

As a surfer, the ocean is part of who I am. The ocean makes me feel alive.
Laurens 3d
I won't Drink from plastic bottles anymore.
I wakg to save zur oceans because i Love the Water and the oceans and i dann to protect that
Maria Antonia 3d
Juliana Ortega-Mimi 3d
No straws, no plastic bags for fruits
marius moen 4d
I will try my best to not use any plastic items at all! I want to save the oceans for the wildlife and for our next generations