Becky Orton 20h
Anything plastic that is unnecessary and could be replaced with a better, more eco friendly option.

We need to start taking responsibility for the mess we created. Those of us who are willing to change also need to be prepared to pick up the slack of those who don't.
Anthony Richards 1d
Any plastic bag one use or multi-use
Arna Menna 1d
Plastic Bags and Plastic Straws
We all need to do our bit to save our beautiful oceans and protect our marine life.
Let's keep our oceans and planet beautiful for future generations to enjoy - its a crime not to!
Sage Stobbart 2d
I will ban plastic grocery bags from my life. I want to save the oceans because they are a magical part of the world that are the homes of many species, and they deserve to live in healthy environments instead of being affected by the mess of humans.
Shterian Atanasov 2d
I will avoid using plastic cups,bottles and bags.I want to save the oceans because they are full of life and if they are damaged ,this means that we will suffer too.
Nolan Borkovec 2d
The ocean is a beautifully complex ecosystem that needs protection.
Jamie Monique 3d
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Jennifer Joyce 3d
I’ve committed to banning single use carrier bags from my life, it’s important to me as I really don’t want to see a fish to plastic ratio of 1:1 as currently predicted if we don’t change our behaviours
Ruben Turcin 3d
I will ban every small thing made out of plastic, like plastic Cups, plastic bottles etc.
I want to save the ocean, beacause the seas are the places where everything begings. Saving the oceans means to save our own lifes too.🌊🌊
Matina Silich-Carrara 3d
Ban Plastic bags and Plastic straws

Let’s save the oceans and the marine life so our future generations can enjoy the beauty of them for years to come.
Swee Lyn Nah 3d
Juan Carlos de Hoyos 3d