Anna 2h
Avoid as much plastic as possible! Every year our whole family goes for a week to a seaside. I want my kids and their kids to be able to enjoy it in the future as much as we do!!
Jackie Torres 6h
I ban straws, when out and at home. I will switch to paper straws if needed. I ban plastic cups when I can, and will bring by own cups to reduce use. I want to save the ocean bc it gives us life and we should be helping it not harming it. We have control and thenmeans to stop it.
Caroline O'Farrell 11h
I will avoid single use plastic, for myself and my family, and teach my 4 children to naturally avoid plastic and single use items. I want to save the oceans, simply because the oceans are the life force of this planet, and I would like to leave a better world to all children.
Lex Lodovici 17h
Sharley Goi 19h
I will ban the use of single-use plastic straws!
Joan Mikkelsen 20h
I pledge to ban plastic juice bottles from my fridge. Let the oceans be for sea life, not garbage.
Aarin Hartwell 21h
I've chosen to ban plastic straws not only from MY life, but hopefully from my island community's as well. My surf and SUP lessons school is campaigning for a ban on plastic straws on our island of South Padre Island, Texas. Find more information at www.spisessions.com
Kimber De jesus 21h
Plastic bags, spoon and fork
Daniel Brinzei 1d
I will try to ban all of the materials that are made of plastic of my life.
I wanna save the ocean because, the oceans are one of the most important thing from our life.
Kevin Moran 1d
Sarah Jane Julian 1d
Say NO to PLASTIC. I want to save our oceans because this is one of God's greatest creations and we need to protect it for the next generation.
She Cruz 1d
From now on, I pledge to ban plastic STRAW, UTENSILS and CUPS/TUMBLER. Because, I want to preserve the beauty of our nature, not just our oceans, for the next generation to see and appreciate.