Tara Cuccia 5h
I’ll ban straws & plastic bags, minimum to keep our powerful, beautiful, life-giving waters safer.
Mateo Rossi 6h
Plastic bags - food containers - water bottles
Ian Kershaw 8h
Plastic bags
Erin Cook 8h
I'll ban plastic bottles, straws, toothbrushes, produce bags, anything else I can. The ocean is a playground bringing joy and peace to all of us. It is also home to magical creatures who have a right to clean oceans and health as much as we do.
Leonor 10h
If you live something you should take care of it!
I’ll ban plastic bags from my life.
Chris Hatherill 12h
Every second breath we take comes from the oceans 🌊
Rosangely Tejada 12h
Alexa Gantous 1d
Stefan Risko 1d
Straws, don't need them. Plastic grocery bags, dead to me.
Alysha Koster 1d
I drink a lot of water, and I am guilty of using plastic water bottles that I could be reusing, but have just put out for recycling. I pledge to use reusable water bottles for my drinks, instead of plastic cups and "single use" bottles".
Niklas JEroch 1d
Plastic bags!

The ocean is life and we all love to look at the sea. Best without plastic or dead animals (caused trhough plastic.
Alice Newberry 1d