Jamie Falco 4h
Plastic water bottles and bags! The oceans are a beautiful place with endless life and exploration, we need to keep them clean for generations to experience their beauty.
Chantal Clarke 8h
We are one species. The only species to manufacture inorganic matter. The only species with no ecological role. The only species to endanger every other species. The only species that does not recognise the equal rights of all other species on this planet. We are a virus.
Danielle Faerberg 1d
I will ban straws from my life because they are wasteful plastic and unnecessary.
Brooke Baron 1d
My love of the ocean is my passion for making the earth whole.

I will continue to...
-Ban single-use plastics & unsustainable fashion
-Support sustainable brands
-Educate myself on better practices/alternatives & share that knowledge with others
Aleksandra Zabawa 1d
I am going to ban every plastic bag which is given and used everyday in the shops/ supermarkets. After my move in to Germany I started selling every plastic bottle for recycling to make the World a better place.
Duarte Champalimaud 1d
I am commitment to stop with small water bottles at home and when is possible outdoors. Second I will choose plastic free packaging food over food wrap in plastic.
last I will work actively for the Ocean making it more Blue.
Hayley Shepherd 1d
Water bottles
Aleksandra Bojanowska 2d
I ban plastic straws & plastic bags! I want to save the oceans because I care! I want my children to surf in clean, pure waters.
Lara Plath 2d
Plastic Bottles.
I love the ocean its calming its beautiful
Eni Sinanaj 2d
I will make a very strong pledge to never use plastic bottled water. I want to save the oceans beacouse what we're doing to the planet is a very bad mistake. The oceans are suffering first hand from our choices of which we can very well do without! Plastic bottled water is a fake comodity.
Rinkesh Patel 2d
I will not use the plastic bag, which we use for shopping purpose and I will aware more people as well as more community about not to use plastic.
The ocean is the Beautiful creation of god...We must not make it Garbage Bin.
I want to save Ocean because it maintains our ecosystem.
Carmina Besson 3d
I will ban plastic straws. I want to save the oceans because they provide me a place to feel at peace. They provide me a playground to explore.