Killian O'Brien 2h
I will ban all single use plastic from my life, seeking alternatives as much as possible. I will also design and promote plastic reduction initiatives rather then recycling initiatives in an effort to reduce the level of plastic entering our oceans.
Mei fang Wang 10h
I always try not use the plastics in my life as this convenient cause our ocean polluted and even the damages to the ocean lives
Adriana Moschella 12h
I will ban from my life all the plastic items I can, such plastic bags, straws and coffee cups. I’m already doing some of these and I will do more, in order to save oceans life - in fact, to save our own lives and make the world a better place for all living beings.
Alfie Howells 1d
Emily Scott 1d
I will ban all single-use plastics. We never relied on them before so we can do it again. The animals in the ocean can’t fix this nor are they the cause. The ocean is so important to us all and we should take care of it.
žaneta bartoňová 1d
Lisa Lawder 1d
Plastic water bottles
Katie Mcnichol 2d
Plastic shopping bags , and straws
Amelia Paterson 2d
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Sumi Lee 2d
Water bottles and straws.

Earth is our home and we must take care of it.
Constantina Fanti 2d
Im a sea and nature lover. It brakes my heart seeing our wild life and marine life struggling to survive. I do not use plastic straws, i dont buy anything in plastic bottles and i also use bamboo toothbrush and cotton buds. I want to save the oceans because ocean gives me life ❤️🌎🐠