Thomas Pearson 4m
Sophie Callender 27m
Single-use plastic items - plastic wrap, straws, cups, bags and utensils. There are innumerable cases of mortality in wildlife and cases of endocrine disruption in humans as a result of single-use plastics, and there are so many reusable versions of these items sold in stores.
Flavia Jiminian 3h
Supermarket plastic bags.
Kim Draber 5h
Manon Ollivier 5h
Straws and Plastic bags
alessandra gorini 5h
I've banned all cosmetics with microplastic and in plastic tubes, as well as all kind of plastic bags. I will try to buy as much as I can , food with no packaging in plastic. Our Oceans are our Life, Nature is our Life. How will we survive if we do not ban it completely from our lives?
Megan Hedges 9h
I’m banning plastic straws and utensils from my life. I want to save the ocean because I care about the planet.
Michael Watson 15h
Matias Ramirez 15h
Plastic bags, bottles, straw. Because is what i used the most and can make a big change in my life by recycling those items or using less quantity.
Josh Cerda 16h
I will start with banning plastic straws and from there plastic utensils until I use no plastic whatsoever. The ocean has called to my heart and has always felt like home. I cannot imagine life without the oceans and refuse to not do my part to ensure that doesn't happen.
Francia Brisita 16h
I will ban plastic bottles and straws. The ocean is part of me, I was borned in front of the Pacific Ocean. The ocean relaxes me and brings me back good memories.
Carmela Gonzales 17h
This is for the future generation - so you can fall in love with the ocean the way that I did. #NOSTRAWS #NOPLASTICBAGS #PLASTICFREE